Magnesium Malate 800 mg
Magnesium Malate 800 mg
Magnesium Malate 800 mg
High bioavailability magnesium
  • Effective against constipation.
  • Aluminum chelator.
  • Seems to reduce pain, sensitivity, and depression in people with fibromyalgia.
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Magnesium malate, a patented form of magnesium

Dimagnesium malate, a patented form of magnesium, consists of one molecule of malic acid attached to two molecules of magnesium, and represents an excellent source of magnesium and malic acid, with superior bioavailability. In addition, as malate does not react with gastric acids, it does not upset the digestive system as is sometimes the case with other forms of magnesium.

Magnesium is found at significant levels throughout the body, and is involved in a number of reactions including muscle relaxation, blood coagulation and manufacture of ATP, the body's principal energy molecule. ATP is produced during the Krebs cycle, the most important biochemical cycle of energy production in cell mitochondria. Malic acid, which is naturally present in many fruits and vegetables, belongs to the family of alpha-hydroxy-acids. It is also produced in the body in the course of the Krebs cycle and it too is involved in energy production. The accumulation of aluminium in nervous tissue is believed to cause serious problems and certainly plays a not insignificant role in the development of diseases such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's. In the brain, aluminium destroys the structure of neurons, causing them to starve by stripping magnesium from tubulin, a glycoprotein responsible for producing essential microtubules that provide neurons with necessary rigidity. Chronic, inadequate intake of magnesium is associated with increased levels of toxic aluminium deposits, which destroy microtubules.

Malic acid crosses the blood-brain barrier easily and binds to aluminium in the brain, preventing an unwelcome build-up of the metal. Furthermore, dimagnesium malate is an excellent chelator and by replacing aluminium with magnesium, it eliminates aluminium from the body, at the same time making magnesium available to neurons.

Slight deficiencies both in magnesium and malic acid are found with fibromyalgia, a common disease which affects mainly women in their fifties. Several studies have shown that supplementing with magnesium malate relieves symptoms of the disease, with improvements in myalgia evident after just 48 hours of starting treatment. One study also showed that 1200 mg of malic acid combined with 300 mg of magnesium, taken twice a day for between 2 and 6 months, significantly improved energy levels and muscle function, and reduced pain scores in patients with fibromyalgia.
Daily serving: 3 tablets
Number of servings per bottle: 40
Quantity per serving
Magnesium (from 2,400 mg of dimagnesium malate) 480 mg
Malic acid (from 2,400 mg of dimagnesium malate) 1 656 mg
Other ingredients: Acacia gum.

Each tablet contains 800 mg dimagnesium malate.

Take between one and three tablets a day with meals.

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Magnesium Malate 800 mg
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