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Hobamine (2-HOBA) – 2-Hydroxybenzylamine Supplement

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Hobamine (2-HOBA) supplement at the cutting edge of cellular defense research.

  • Based on the latest scientific studies dedicated to fighting oxidative stress.
  • Patented ingredient, scientifically known as 2-hydroxybenzylamine or 2-HOBA.
  • Shows great promise in the area of anti-aging research.

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2-Hoba is a dietary supplement containing hobamine (2-HOBA, patented and marketed as part of the global fight against the effects of aging. A significant new hope in the field of anti-aging, it is the subject of numerous scientific studies because of its potential effects on oxidative stress, and its direct impact on aging.

It forms part of our Anti-aging category, an essential element of the SuperSmart catalogue.

What Accounts for the Benefits of this Hobamine Supplement?

A compound naturally present in Himalayan Buckwheat, 2-HOBA has been shown in in vitro studies to offer benefits in combatting oxidative stress (1).

Unlike antioxidants, which neutralise the free radicals responsible for oxidative stress, hobamine directly targets the adverse effects of that oxidative stress.

Several studies (2-3) suggest it affects products of lipid peroxidation (a process involved in oxidative stress) called IsoLGs, a family of γ-ketoaldehydes. Particularly harmful, these by-products react almost instantly with proteins, DNA, and other cell components, resulting in pathophysiological changes to cells, and gradually affecting every essential function in the body.

Its approach complements that of antioxidants, but importantly, it has a different focus. Antioxidants target free radicals indiscriminately, but these reactive molecules sometimes play a beneficial role in the body, and will never go on to cause oxidative stress.

What is Oxidative Stress?

Oxidative stress is an imbalance between the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS or free radicals) and the body’s antioxidant capacity to defend itself. ROS are toxic by-products of normal metabolism, though they can be useful for cell signaling and regulation when their numbers are controlled.

Ultimately, this imbalance leads to an accumulation of cell damage (4), which can precipitate the onset of metabolic, cardiac and neurodegenerative disorders and accelerate the aging process.

This process is exacerbated when the DNA at the root of the antioxidant and repair systems is itself compromised; once this crossroads is passed, deterioration in cell function is the likely outcome. In other words, the body’s finite capacity for withstanding oxidative stress having been exhausted, accelerated aging is inevitable. A truly vicious circle.

A state of oxidative stress can have several causes: an external stressor (smoking, regular alcohol consumption...), antioxidant deficiency, chronic lack of sleep, heavy metal poisoning, depletion of the body’s reserves for fighting oxidative stress...

How Should this 2-Hoba Supplement be Taken on a Daily Basis?

We recommend adults to take a dose of 2 hobamine capsules a day.

Alongside supplementation, it’s also important to adopt a healthy lifestyle, incorporating the following tips:

  • Reduce your alcohol consumption, and especially avoid binge-drinking. Alcohol is metabolised by the microsomal ethanol oxidizing system which leads to the generation of high levels of ROS.
  • Stop smoking. A genuine scourge, smoking encourages free radical generation, impairs the circulation and weakens antioxidant systems.
  • Try to sleep well. Good quality sleep boosts the defenses of cell constituents against oxidative stress.
  • Take regular, but moderate, exercise. Engaging too frequently in high-intensity exercise promotes free radical production and has a negative effect on the immune system.
  • Increase your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables, rich in valuable antioxidants.

Which Additional Supplements can you Take to Combat Accelerated Aging?

If you are a regular visitor to the SuperSmart website, you know that aging is influenced by many factors each of which merits active consideration.

Oxidative stress, persistence of senescent cells, telomere-shortening, glycation, etc. All have been studied intensively, resulting in the discovery of relevant molecules and supplements. Here are five worth checking out to take alongside your hobamine supplement:

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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