Taxifolin 10 mg
Taxifolin 10 mg
Taxifolin 10 mg
Natural concentrate of taxifolin
  • Strong antioxidant power and protective effect on the vascular system.
  • Extract of Siberian larch.
  • Broad spectrum application (skin, cognitive function, inflammation…).
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Taxifolin or dihydroquercetin is a bioflavonoid with a similar structure to that of quercetin. It is extracted from Siberian larch.
Over the last 50 years, almost 600 studies (most of them Russian) have investigated its efficacy and safety. In particular, they have highlighted its antioxidant potency and vascular-protective action. Taxifolin has also been shown to benefit cardiovascular health, the skin, cognitive function, inflammation, allergies and immunodeficiency, as well as the health of diabetics. Amongst others, research has demonstrated that taxifolin:
    - is a potent antioxidant more powerful than vitamin E or carotenoids;
    - lowers blood viscosity and improves capillary microcirculation;
    - in people with type II diabetes:
      - inhibits pro-inflammatory activity of neutrophils, thus helping to protect the vascular system from diabetes-induced damage,
      - strengthens blood flow in the retinal part of the eye, protecting against loss of vision through macular degeneration,
      - prevents formation of cataracts by inhibiting activity of an enzyme in the lens;
    - lowers elevated blood pressure and regulates an electrical measurement associated with activation of the heart ventricles;
    - in patients with arterial hypertension, has blood pressure-lowering and anti-arrhythmia effects;
    - inhibits lipid peroxidation, a process which leads to atherosclerosis;
    - inhibits formation of apolipoprotein B, one of the main constituents of LDL;
    - in rats, lowers serum and hepatic levels of lipids and cholesterol;
    - provides protection to the brain and nerve cells by inhibiting the expression of enzymes which cause inflammation and also prevents inflammatory white blood cells from attacking and adhering to vulnerable areas of the brain. It thus provides essential neuroprotection against oxidative damage caused by insufficient blood and oxygen supply to the brain;
    - in degenerative brain disease linked to stroke-associated impaired posterior cerebral circulation, it significantly reduces insomnia, emotional and vegetative symptoms, optimises mental activation in general while improving mood and reducing expression of unpleasant physical sensations;
    - improves memory in 70% of patients suffering from cerebral circulation problems. In 60%, it increased concentration and index of intellectual activity.
Daily serving: 6 tablets
Number of servings per bottle: 16
Quantity per serving
Dihydroquercetin (from 75 mg of Siberian larch extract standardised to 80% of dihydroquercetin) 60 mg
Other ingredients: Acacia gum, fructo-oligosaccharide.

Each tablet provides 10 mg taxifolin.

Take one to two tablets two or three times a day for three to four weeks. Repeat every three months. The tablets be taken with, or immediately after, a meal. They can be swallowed, chewed or sucked.

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Taxifolin 10 mg
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