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Annatto Tocotrienols
Annatto Tocotrienols
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Annatto Tocotrienols
Tiredness and Lack of energy
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Our Annatto Tocotrienols supplement contains an extract of Bixa orellana standardized to 50% tocotrienols.

  • Has a high content of a specific form of Vitamin E called tocotrienols.
  • Supports healthy cholesterol metabolism.
  • Powerful natural antioxidant.
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Red bixa orellana seeds

Annatto Tocotrienols Supplement

Our Annatto Tocotrienols supplement is formulated from an extract of Bixa orellana. Also known as roucou, urucum, achiote, and simply annattos, this shrub grows in tropical regions of the Americas, where its spiky red fruits are recognized for several health benefits.

These seed-filled fruits have been used for many years in traditional medicine, where they have mostly been used for insect bites and protecting the skin against the sun's rays.

But Bixa Orellana fruits offer considerably more benefits than that. They are rich in carotenoids, such as beta-carotene, a powerful natural antioxidant, and contain a number of trace elements, including selenium, magnesium, and calcium. They also have a high content of a specific form of Vitamin E called tocotrienols, so it also works as a healthy natural Vitamin E supplement.

Annatto Tocotrienols Benefits

Given its essential role in the body, Vitamin E must be ingested in sufficient amounts. While it is present in plants, such as vegetable oils and nuts, it can be easy not to get enough of it. In fact, there is not just one form of Vitamin E, but eight, that are grouped into tocopherols and tocotrienols.

There are fewer dietary sources of tocotrienols, specifically, which is why our Annatto Tocotrienols supplement has been formulated from natural tocotrienols extracted from the fruit of Bixa orellana.

Our formulation offers 90% delta-tocotrienols and 10% gamma-tocotrienols.

Like all vitamins, Vitamin E has a number of roles within the body. It also has many properties in common with other vitamins, such as natural antioxidant power, which it shares with its well-known counterpart, Vitamin C. Annatto Tocotrienols benefits may include:

What does research show about Bixa Orellana Seed Extract?

Despite the many studies conducted on tocotrienols, their mechanism of action within the body has yet to be fully explained. Research suggests, however, that these forms of natural Vitamin E may offer significant therapeutic potential. In fact, studies show that tocotrienols may:

  • Positively influence cholesterol metabolism due to an inhibitory effect on the enzyme HMG-CoA, which reduces the amount of cholesterol produced by the liver.
  • Potentially reduce levels of bad LDL-cholesterol and increase levels of good HDL-cholesterol.
  • Promote a balanced lipid profile, helping to combat the build-up of atheromatous plaque in the arteries and maintain normal blood levels of glucose and triglycerides.
  • Have a diuretic effect — i.e. promote the production of urine.
  • Combat the risk of developing a Vitamin E deficiency.

In essence, Bixa Orellana seed extract offers significant therapeutic potential.

In order to create a high-quality supplement, Annatto Tocotrienols has been formulated from natural extracts and is produced in the form of softgels. Each capsule contains 100 mg of annatto extract (Bixa Orellana) standardized to 50% tocotrienols. In addition to this natural tocotrienols supplement, you can buy our Gamma E Tocopherols product to increase intake of other forms of Vitamin E.

Annatto Tocotrienols Side Effects

Are Annatto Tocotrienols supplements safe to consume?

Taking Annatto capsules from the Roucou plant is generally safe for anyone looking to improve their overall health. Annatto or Vitamin E will rarely lead to side effects, but it is always important to research all the pros and cons in order to ensure it’s good for your own well being.

Most instances of side effects acquired through taking a supplement containing Bixa Orellana occur due to not following the recommended serving size. Side effects from supplements are always more likely when taking too much, and exceeding the serving size won’t enhance the effects.

If you are taking any existing prescription medications for chronic illnesses, it is strongly recommended to schedule a visit to your doctor. They will be able to analyze your medical history to determine whether Annatto Tocotrienols will cause any adverse drug interactions.

You will find plenty of online research materials relating to Annatto extract, the Achiote plant, and Bixa Orellana seed extract that detail potential side effects and any other associated risks.

Some people also like to speak to others about their experiences with Annatto Tocotrienols' side effects. Consulting with others — either in real life or online via forums — will give you a better idea of the benefits and drawbacks of adding this supplement to your daily regimen.

When taking any supplement, carefully monitor the effects on your mind and body. If you experience any side effects, stop taking your Annatto supplement immediately and consult your doctor.

It is common for people taking prescription medications and other supplements to experience adverse side effects. Speaking to your primary care physician can shed light on why it may be happening and how to take an Annatto Vitamin E supplement safely.

Take control of your health and always consume dietary supplements responsibly.

Daily serving: 2 softgels
Number of servings per bottle: 30
Quantity per serving
Annato extract (Bixa orellana) standardized to 50% tocotrienols
100 mg
Other ingredients:rice bran oil.
DeltaGold® - American River Nutrition, Inc.

Each softgel contains 50 mg annatto tocotrienols.
Directions for use

How to Take Annatto Tocotrienols

Maximizing the benefits of Annatto Tocotrienols supplements requires you to closely follow the instructions on the package. We recommend taking two softgels a day — ideally with dinner. The presence of food increases absorption and ensures you get all the benefits of Annatto Tocotrienols.

Consuming these supplements with food reduces the chances of side effects in those with sensitive stomachs. While you can take them on an empty stomach, the conditions within your digestive system will be suboptimal and slow down the absorption rate.

If taking these supplements for the first time, monitor the short- and medium-term effects. If you experience any strange symptoms or outright problems, keep a record and inform your doctor. Your doctor will be able to monitor your symptoms and explain why you may be experiencing problems.

Never attempt to increase intake beyond two capsules per day to achieve greater benefits. These numbers have been crafted through scientific studies to maximize the benefits of these supplements while mitigating the risk of unpleasant side effects. While Annatto Tocotrienols supplements rarely lead to dangerous side effects, the most common ones can be uncomfortable and unpleasant.

Ensure you take these supplements responsibly to enjoy all the potential health benefits.

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Annatto Tocotrienols
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