Blood Sugar and Glycation
Benfotiamine 80 mg
Benfotiamine 80 mg
Benfotiamine 80 mg

Thiamine nutritional supplement (vitamin B1)

  • Recognised efficacy for metabolic disorders.
  • Used for treating chronic diarrhoea, stress, ageing, memory problems and loss of appetite.
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    Benfotiamine is the most potent of the allithiamines, a unique class of thiamine derivatives (vitamin B1) with a highly specific structure which enables them to pass easily through cell membranes. As such, it is much better absorbed (5-25 times better!) than thiamine and remains in the body for considerably longer. Benfotiamine is therefore much more effective at correcting traditional vitamin B1 deficiency (beri beri, alcoholism) than thiamine itself. However, its main benefits lie in a different area: Benfotiamine is remarkably effective at inhibiting the formation of AGE - Advanced Glycation Endproducts. It increases threefold the concentration of the endogenous enzyme transketolase which breaks down AGE and converts them into harmless compounds. AGE's main targets are the nerves, blood vessels, eyes and kidneys, and since diabetics produce AGE in excess, this discovery is particularly significant for them. Regular supplementation with benfotiamine can significantly improve their quality of life as has been shown in controlled studies. Of course, benfotiamine, like carnosine or lipoic acid, is a valuable weapon for anyone wish to fight the inevitable process of tissue ‘caramelisation'. Glycation (caramelisation of cells), together with oxidation, is a basic mechanism of the biochemical breakdown associated with ageing, though the compounds capable of controlling it are fewer in number and less well-known. Benfotiamine is a remarkable AGE inhibitor, tested successfully not just in vitro and on animals, but actually on humans.
    Daily serving: 4 capsules
    Number of servings per bottle: 30
    Quantity per serving
    Benfotiamine providing 220 mg elemental thiamine 320 mg
    Other ingredients: magnesium stearate, maltodextrin, silicon dioxide, microcrystalline cellulose.

    Take two to four vegetarian capsules a day at mealtimes or as advised by your therapist.
    Each vegetarian capsule contains 80 mg benfotiamine providing 55 mg elemental thiamine.

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