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Welcome Shop by health concern Tiredness and Lack of energy Multimineral Complex - Multi Mineral Supplement (Major & Trace)
MultiMineral Complex Supplement
MultiMineral Complex Supplement
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Multimineral Complex - Multi Mineral Supplement (Major & Trace)
Tiredness and Lack of energy
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MultiMineral Complex is a multi mineral supplement, rich in essential major and trace minerals.

  • Provides calcium, chromium, iodine, boron, magnesium, selenium, zinc, vanadium, silicon, potassium, and more.
  • Benefits people on detox diets, as well as athletes and fitness enthusiasts who have increased mineral requirements.
  • Suitable for helping maintain bone mineral density in perimenopausal or menopausal women, as well as men over fifty.
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: 26.68 $, save $2.32 (8%)
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Multi Mineral Supplement - Major and Trace Minerals

MultiMineral Complex is a balanced and highly bioavailable multi mineral supplement in vegetarian capsules, designed for anyone who wishes to boost their mineral reserves.

Why take Multimineral Complex?

Minerals are essential for a number of the body's vital processes. Soil depletion and industrialization of agriculture have caused our food to become deficient in minerals. Additionally, the minerals we do get are not always well absorbed; as we age, our bodies become less efficient at absorbing minerals.

Ingredients in Our Multimineral Supplement

MultiMineral Complex is a complete formula providing the benefits of calcium, chromium, iodine, boron, magnesium, selenium, zinc, vanadium, silicon, potassium, and more. All of these minerals are essential for maintaining overall health, especially as our bodies age.

MultiMineral Complex is particularly helpful for maintaining bone mineral density in perimenopausal or menopausal women, as well as men over fifty. It can also benefit people on detox diets, as well as athletes and fitness enthusiasts who have increased mineral requirements.

Scientific research shows that some forms of these minerals — particularly those with a higher bioavailability — are better for the body than others. The forms used in MultiMineral Complex have superior bioavailability. The synergistic ability of each mineral was also considered.

Some of the synergistic properties of MultiMineral Complex include:

Below are more details related to the benefits of MultiMineral Complex, as well as information related to potential side effects and instructions on how to properly take MultiMineral Complex.

Multi Mineral Supplement Benefits

Nutritional deficiencies are, unfortunately, all too common throughout the U.S. Even though half of all American adults take some supplements of various types daily, they still may not be getting the consistent balance of nutrients they require.

Remember, even a complete diet may not provide everything the human body needs to reach its full potential. And perhaps the biggest mineral complex benefit is the one that can help bridge the gap caused by not acquiring everything the body requires from diet alone.

Supplementation is a more straightforward way of ensuring the body gets everything it needs to function. Acquiring every major and trace mineral is difficult through diet alone. Hence, even professional athletes use supplementation to meet their body’s nutritional requirements.

Consuming a multi mineral mix from Supersmart provides everything the body requires to function and defend itself from harmful bacteria and viruses.

Boost Your Immune System with Multi Mineral Capsules

The body gradually becomes more vulnerable to bacteria and viruses as it ages. Those who feel their bodies are more susceptible and get sick more frequently than when they were younger need to consider a super multi mineral to combat allergic triggers, bacteria, and viruses from gaining a foothold.

A multi mineral supplement offers all the potent antioxidants necessary to support the body’s defenses.

Enjoy Healthy Aging with a Multimineral Formula

Some of the most significant multi mineral benefits are those related to aging. The older the human body gets, the less effective it becomes in absorbing nutrients from food.

But taking a high-quality multi mineral complex can help you maintain a healthy absorption rate. Stay active and be more energetic through mineral complex supplements.

Multimineral Supplement Heart Benefits

Heart disease is one of the leading problems afflicting people of all ages in the U.S. Cardiovascular diseases and a leading cause of death. However, you may be able to diminish the risk of developing certain heart diseases if you make sure you’re getting the proper nutrients and minerals.

Essential minerals, such as magnesium, play a significant role in boosting heart health and overcoming the deficiencies caused by the consumption of processed foods.

Feel Better and Energized from Day One

A multi mineral formula is one of the great secrets of professional athletes. It often helps boost their energy so they can compete at the highest level. That being said, anyone can reap the multi mineral supplement benefits, regardless of their physical condition.

The most common symptom of nutritional deficiencies is general fatigue and feeling low on energy. Feel better and more energized with a multi mineral supplement as part of your personal health regimen.

Multi Mineral Supplement Side Effects

Mutli mineral supplements are designed to support a healthy lifestyle. And while multimineral capsules are generally safe to consume, you should always do your own research before making a purchase.

Take control of your health and do your due diligence before adding any supplement to your diet. Look at reviews for any supplement you’re considering and see what others are saying about it. Carefully check what’s in each supplement and research what each specific ingredient does for your body.

You should also consult your doctor first, as they’ll be able to go through your medical history to determine whether or not adding a new supplement to your daily routine would have any risks.

As always, you can mitigate the risk of multi mineral supplement side effects by carefully following the instructions on the bottle. You should never exceed the recommended daily dosage.

Moreover, if you experience any adverse side effects from taking a multi mineral supplement, stop taking it immediately and get in touch with your primary healthcare provider.

Dose : 3 capsule
Number of doses per box: 30
Amount per dose
Magnesium aspartate 250 mg
Magnesium citrate 250 mg
Calcium glycinate 120 mg
Potassium gluconate 90 mg
Zinc glycinate 25 mg
Bioperine® 20 mg
Ginger extract (standardized to 5 % gingerols) 20 mg
Amylase 5 000 SKB/g 15 mg
Protease 5 000 HUT/g 15 mg
Lipase 500 FIP/g 15 mg
Silicon (from 80 mg bamboo extract standardized to 10 % silicon) 8 mg
Boron (from 31 mg calcium fructo-borate - FruiteX-B® standardized to 2.67% boron) 2 490 mcg
Iodine (extracted from 210 mg of marine alga standardized to 0.1 % iodine) 210 mcg
Selenomethionine 210 mcg
Chromium picolinate; 90 mcg
Molybdenum glycinate ; 60 mcg
Molybdenum citrate 60 mcg
Vanadium sulfate 30 mcg
Vitamin D3 (100 IU) (cholecalciferol) 7.5 mcg
Other ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate.
Bioperine®, Sabinsa Corp, India. - FruiteX-B®, FutureCeuticals, Inc., USA.
FruiteX-B® is a registered trademark and is manufactured under US Patent #5,962,049 and issued and pending foreign patents and is available exclusively from FutureCeuticals, Inc.
Directions for use

How To Take Multi Mineral Capsules

While there are technically no restrictions on when someone can consume MultiMineral Complex, you’ll get more out of your supplementation routine by taking them at the correct time.

Water-soluble vitamins should always be taken on an empty stomach to aid absorption. For everything else, aim to consume your supplements with a meal. With MultiMineral Complex, we recommend taking one capsule three times a day, ideally following a meal.

Generally, the best time to take multi mineral capsules is in the morning. Your body is already primed for nutritional intake, and ensuring it has everything it needs will empower you to take on the day.

However, what matters most is taking multi minerals as part of a consistent routine. Some people choose to take different multi minerals and multivitamins throughout the day, such as during lunch or dinner.

The best routine is the one you can stick to, and taking multi mineral capsules consistently will ensure you’re able to enjoy the full benefits of taking a multi mineral mix.

No reviews for this product yet
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Multimineral Complex - Multi Mineral Supplement (Major & Trace)
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